Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Bali Holiday

Bali Holiday

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southeast Asia – and indeed, in the world. People from all over the world visit Bali every year, drawn in by its wonderful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and the wide range of affordable accommodation options – such as Bali villas. However, most people don’t make the most of their Bali holiday. They stick to the touristy parts of the island, they miss out on some of its natural beauty, and they don’t get the full Bali experience.

With this in mind, here’s a few of our top tips for making sure that you get the most out of your Bali holiday:

  1. They Beaches Aren’t As Good As They’re Meant To Be

If you’re coming from Australia, prepare to be disappointed in Bali’s beaches. Let’s face it – Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, and you simply won’t find anything like them in most of Bali. That’s not to say that Bali beaches aren’t good – the weather, beach bars, and wonderful vibes make them more than worth visiting.

  1. Choose Your Visiting Time Carefully

Bali suffers from an intense rainy season from October to April. The peak of the season is December and January, when it rains heavily almost daily. This can impact your holiday, forcing you to spend a lot more time indoors than you would perhaps like to, and reducing the amount of sights that you get to see. If possible, try and visit during the dry season – June and July are the best.

  1. Be Careful Driving

If you’re not used to driving in an Asian country, then proceed with caution if you choose to hire a scooter or motorbike to get around on. Bali’s roads are crazy, and you might find yourself in a bit of trouble if you’re not careful. Even if you don’t have to wear a helmet and protective gear, you should – there is a fairly good chance that you will fall off at some point.

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How to Retain the Romance of Bali

Outdoor Furniture

Travelling overseas for a holiday is an exciting time. Many places such as Bali are very popular holiday destinations for Australian tourists, because it is fairly close and we love the friendly Indonesian culture. But rather than forgetting all about it once you return home, why not retain the romance of the region by keeping something of it in your home or garden?

Much outdoor furniture reflects the culture of other countries. While you are in Bali take note of all the wonderful furniture – not in the hotels, but in the Bali villas and other similar accommodations that more truly reflect the Bali lifestyle. Then when you get back home you’ll be able to find similar styles or imports from that country for your own home.

Including boat wood furniture in your decor is a prime example of how your home can reflect parts of your overseas trip, even if you didn’t see any furniture like that while you were there. Knowing that much of such timber would have been sourced from Indonesian fishing boats and made into alfresco furniture is enough to keep the dream alive. Such timber is well used to weathering the wet conditions of the ocean and has done so admirably, so it is going to be one of the best choices for furniture that is out in the weather all the time.

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Getting Over Alcohol Addiction More Easily

Most people go to Bali for a holiday since it is such a lovely place, easy to access and so very affordable. According to Sivana Rehab, these three points make it the ideal place to go for drug rehab and will help you to recover from your drug addiction, whether that is from alcohol or a different kind of drug. With the increase of party drugs, few people see alcohol as harmful, yet it has ruined more lives than drugs such as ice.

Once a person is addicted to alcohol, like other drugs it takes precedence in their lives, with the sufferer using ever more of their time and resources on the drink of their choice and becoming ever sicker, whether they admit it or not. This can go on for many years with the drinker refusing to believe they have a problem while their health and their family suffers.

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Where are You Going for Your Botox Injections?

Botox Injections

Botox treatment is a popular way to remove those aging lines and wrinkles so your face looks smoother and younger. While going overseas for cosmetic surgery seems to be an ongoing trend, many people find they need to have their Botox treatment redone after going to Bali or Thailand for treatment.  It pays to choose a cosmetic surgeon from Perth like or elsewhere in Australia at a recognised professionally trained cosmetic surgeon.

One of the first things you need to do before having any Botox treatment is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is fully qualified and experienced.  Going online will help, as will getting references from your GP and friends who have had such treatment.  However, you can’t be sure when looking online just what the standards are for cosmetic treatment in overseas countries such as Bali or Thailand.

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What you Need to Do When Starting a Business in Bali


Many people make a living running their own business in Bali.  It is imperative to get all the business licenses you need and this can be facilitated by consulting a reputable Bali based law firm in that country. In regards to a professional digital agency you might want to opt for an Australian company for advice on web design and SEO. Unfortunately, good Bali based web designers are few and far between, but with professional help you can make sure your website is the best that it can be – and get a lot of business from it.

There are many wonderful opportunities to start up a business in Bali. It is important to do your research to find out not only the best business, but to ensure it is something that you will like doing. If you are a bit of a hermit, dealing with people constantly can be very draining, so you wouldn’t want to choose an accommodation business or even running a coffee shop, unless your staff could deal with the public and you can simply run the business in the background.

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Tips for Bali and Other Overseas Holidays


When you travel overseas whether for business or pleasure knowing certain things ahead of time will help smooth your way.  After all, you’ll be dealing with a lot of different things that can seem quite confusing especially if it’s the first time you’ve travelled out of your own country.  According to event planning experts Lumin8 Events, many people choose to travel to Bali for events such as weddings and honeymoons because it is one of the nearest exotic locations so the travel cost is cheaper and they save time in travelling, making their holiday longer.

If you are going to Bali or any other overseas country, here are some tips to help make things easier.

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Best Things to do in Bali for a Little R&R

Best Things to do in Bali for a Little R_R

So you are off to Bali for a little R&R. If this is the first time, you’ll want to have a look at some of the most highly recommended things to do.

1. The optimum R&R vacation occurs with your own private swimming pools, lush gardens, beautiful sunsets, luxurious villas, personal staff including cooks, and in-house spa treatment. Of course, you’re going to want to leave your paradise at times.

2. Tirta Empul Temple is one of the many amazing temples to be enjoyed in Bali, and there are many

3. Uluwatu Temple is located on the side of a cliff which is truly stunning. You’ll love the architecture.

4. Tanah Lot Temple makes most jaws drop. This stunning complex is a must visit for anyone that is looking for some R&R and maybe a little spiritual exploration too.

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Bangkung River Bridge a New Tourism Destination in Bali

Bangkung River Bridge a New Tourism Destination in Bali-min

The Bangkung River Bridge a New Tourism Destination in Bali at Plaga Village, in the sub-district of Petang, has become a new tourism destination in Bali. In fact, it has been able to support North Badug tourism development. It was inaugurated back in 2006, and since then it has become a regular visit by tourists and locals alike. In fact, on national holidays the bridge is packed with visitors.

It takes only about an hour from Denpasar to reach the Bangkung River Bridge, and the journey along the way has many points of interest and places you’ll want to see such as Bukit Sari Sangeh, and Tanah Wuk Green Canyon. There is also the Nungnung waterfall and Petang a village for tourists.

As bridges go Bangkung River Bridger really isn’t much different, but it is claimed to be the tallest bridge in Asia, and so people are curious and come to see. The bridge spans across cool and lush area, quite the contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a great place to spend a day relaxing.

It spreads along 360 meters with a whopping height of 71.14 meters tall. The pillars rise 41 meters from the underground and the bridge is over 100 years old, making it an impressive piece of history. Tourists who decide to navigate their way to the Bangkung River Bridge will not be disappointed.

Gelang Agung Temple contains Thirteenth Century Antiquities

Gelang Agung Temple contains Thirteenth Century Antiquities-min

The Gelang Agung temple is located at Buangga Halemt, in the Getasan Village in the Sub-district of Petang. It is considered a sanctum by locals and it a cultural heritage cornerstone that has seen an increase in tourists. There are a number of cultural relics that date back to the thirteenth century.

Some of the relics from the Gelang Agung temple have been placed in the Gedong Arca, including a statue of Lord Vishnu riding a Garuda, a statue that looks somewhat like a lotus flower made of three sections with an octagonal base, probably a symbol of yoni. There is also a relic of Padmasana shrine inscribed with a Balinese script, and even a few building stone fragments.

There are a number of magical stories that have followed the Gelang Agung temple. The structure of the Gelang Agung temple isn’t much different than that of other Bali sanctums. It had a two-tier meru shrine to venerate Goddess Sri, and a chamber to venerate Danghyang Dwijendra. During paddy planting, and when surrounding residents of Buangga were attacked by disease locals came to pray at the temple.

Chief of Buanagga voiced the community’s hope that the government would pay more attention to the existence of the temple, and what it represents historically. However, to date government interest has been minimal. Bali visitors will want to add this to their things to do.

Bali: Tanah Lot – The Temple in the Middle of the Sea

Bali Tanah Lot The Temple in the Middle of the Sea-min

The translation of this temple’s name puts the strong emphasis on the sea. The Sea Temple or The Temple in the Middle of the Sea or The Land in the Middle of the Sea are some of the well-known names for this genuine temple. The temple itself is situated in the south-east part of the island.

The Tanah Lot Temple is located on the cliff’s edge very close to the shore. It can be approached only during the periods of the low tide. The entrance to the temple is less than hundred steps away from the sandy beaches. It worth mentioning that this temple is not open for the tourist visits. In addition, only the priests are allowed to enter its premises.

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Going Batty In Bali

Going Batty In Bali-min

Bali is home to thousands of bats. The tour guides have been known to stop in areas where some bats have been known to reside in order for the tourists to have the chance to get up close and personal with the winged mammal. One group of tourists made friends with a pair of resident bats at a roadside rest area, and were able to feed the bats and watch them eat. This particular group of tourists fed the bats bananas and were mesmerized at how the animals clung to their perches, upside down, hanging on to the banana, peeling and eating it in several stealthy moves.

For the tourist who is not interested in the gustatory habits of bats, there is always the pineapple grove growing along the side of the road near the rest stop, or the rice paddies a bit further up the road. A good tourist guide will never force a tourist to endure something that could cause them any undue distress during what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation.

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In Just Three Days You Can Experience Amazing Bali

In Just Three Days You Can Experience Amazing Bali img

Having the time of your life in Bali doesn’t require you to have weeks available. According to providers in the tourism industry you can actually have an amazing Bali experience in just three days. So rent your nice villa and come make some memories.

If you can escape to Bali for just three days, here’s an idea of how your vacation might look according to some of the best in the travel industry. You’ll have just enough time to get a taste of all the aspects that make Bali the exotic experience it is, from the famous beaches to the iconic temples.

You will certainly want to spend some time in Ubud, the artistic capital of Bali. There are all kinds of amazing shops to experience and leave a little of your money behind in. Kuta Beach is a must see – it will tantalize all of your senses, and it’s a great place to spend some time no matter what the weather is doing.

Jimbaran Bay is another great place to explore – here you’ll be able to enjoy some of the tastiest seafood you’ll ever eat. There’s numerous seafood restaurants along the peaceful beach, so come enjoy, relax and stay just a little while.

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Tips for Your Exporting Business in Bali

So you have long had the dream to start a new life in Bali and found to support yourself you needed to start up a business. There are many businesses models to choose from and you may have decided to export some of the unique furniture and home wares on offer in Bali to Australia. Make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO so your website design will be the best to attract customers.

You will also need to find a company you can trust for the wrapping, packing and shipping of such goods. Furniture especially can’t be simply placed in a box. It needs to be securely wrapped and packed into a shipping container. In fact there is a freight forwarding company in Denpasar that offers other services to people who wish to export goods from Bali.

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Mount Agung: The Highest Point in Bali

Mount Agung The Highest Point in Bali

Mount Agung also known as Gunung Agung is the highest point in Bali. This volcanic mountain is located on the eastern corner of Bali. With its 9,944 ft Mount Agung absolutely dominates the surroundings. This mountain is very often covered in clouds, which gives it an almost mystical look.

Mount Agung has a great significance in the Balinese culture and spiritual life. For them this remarkable mountain represents the Mount Meru or the universe’s central axis. According to one of the legends this volcanic mountain is one part of the Mount Meru which was given to Bali by one of the very first priests. In addition, one of the most important temples in Bali, Pura Besakih, is situated exactly on the Mount Agung.

The last eruption occurred in the early 1960’s. Almost 2,000 were killed because of the volcano eruption. The Mother Temple of Besakih was luckily missed the rivers of lava literally by a few yards. As expected this miraculous event had its appropriate interpretation in the Balinese culture. The island had been punished for its sins by the gods, but at the same time the hope survived in this temple.

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Nothing Beats the Experience of a Road Trip Around Bali

Nothing Beats the Experience of a Road Trip Around Bali

There are many ways you can travel to, and around Bali. One of the most rewarding experiences is a road trip around Bali. It provides you with an authentic and unique experience. Moreover, the road trip is not as costly as what you will get anywhere in the western countries. You will see the best part of the Balinese landscape and rice paddles spread across the island.

Bali is home to around 4 million people. When you add the close to 2.5 million tourists who come to this island every year, you are likely to meet or see many people at any given time. The Balinese are renowned for their friendly nature, and willingness to hold conversations with anyone not familiar with their culture or island. Reliance on the local maps can give you the sort of experience you are looking for but nothing beats getting help from the local population, and of course making a few new friends.

You can visit several places while in Bali, from attending local festivals that the Balinese hold on almost every day, to watching people work in the rice paddies. Bali has played host to a number of globally recognized events such as Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, which attracted thousands of tourists into this island. The beauty pageant helped to open up the island and market it better to the rest of the world as an island of paradise, and one that holds a lot of magic.

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The Best Places to Eat Drink and Be Merry in Nusa Lembongan

The Best Places to Eat Drink and Be Merry in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is no longer just a day trip destination. According to villa accommodation experts Bali Villas have become a popular place to stay thanks to modern villas that are very affordable and tons of things to do. In fact, this location has some of the best places to eat and it has a lively nightlife, yet at the same time, you can stay off the beaten track and not have to deal with the high levels of congestion that other areas of Bali often have. The pace of life may be slower but you aren’t going to be disappointed.

Part of your Bali vacation experience is enjoying the sights and sounds that the country has to offer. That includes enjoying local cuisine. Of course, if you prefer to stick to western dishes rather than Balinese specialties that’s never a problem as most restaurants offer both.

Eating out is pretty laid back in Nusa Lembongan with many of the beachfront restaurants offering Balinese specialty dishes in addition to Western dishes and of course, fresh seafood is always on the menu. Let’s look at a few of those restaurants. Continue reading…

Tips for Starting a Sight Seeing Business in Bali

There are many people in Bali who are not locals, but are there to run some kind of business. They’ve put in the hard work of getting all the legal stuff done and may have even consulted a professional digital marketing agency to get advice on web design and SEO so their web designer has made an amazing website from which to advertising their product or services.

While there are many different kinds of businesses you can choose from in Bali, a sightseeing guide would be one of the easiest. Here are some tips to starting one up.

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Tourism Bug Has Bitten Bali

Tourism Bug Has Bitten Bali

Bali has been bitten by the tourism bug. Tourism has doubled from 2001 to 2011, and every year there are more than 700 hectares that are developed for luxury living by foreigners, hotels, and roads to connect the island. Every year the amount of waste dumped multiplies and the number of cars on the roads steadily grows. The peaceful Bali everyone wanted to visit is suddenly outgrowing its image, and locals as well as government want to put the brakes on to ensure Bali remains the Bali they know and love.

The Indonesian government has initiated legislation to protect the environment and culture. However, to date these appear to not be too effective, since local authorities are doing nothing to enforce those laws, and of course, investors are against any regulation, as they want to develop the island even more. There focus it to make Bali the top destination spot.

When you visit Bali, there are some great spots that have not yet been developed. The Bali Bukit Peninsula offer a less developed environment that’s rustic and relaxing. Here you can experience the unique Bali culture.

The island will continue to grow in popularity as the secret of how fantastic a vacation to this out of the way destination can be. For those that want to see a little of the old Bali, now is a great time to plan a trip before it has been completely transformed by the modern world.

Bali Vacations Saw A Huge Spike Last Christmas

Bali Vacations Saw A Huge Spike Last Christmas

However the rest of us spent the holidays, it seems Santa traded in his reindeer and sleigh for a surfboard and scuba gear this last holiday season. Bali Discovery reports that Bali received a record-breaking number of tourist flights over the 2013 Christmas season. For just the weekend of Christmas, Bali vacation destinations received a whopping 15,000 tourists – that’s nearly a 50% increase over last year. Experts point to the growing Balinese economy and domestic market as a factor in the growing popularity of Bali vacations.

Sun Worshiping On Uluwatu Beach

Sun Worshiping On Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach is a beautiful beach, somewhat secluded from any main road in Bali.

There is a bit of a trek from the road, down a steep hill to a small bit of sand and rocks where tourists can usually find some freelance masseurs to help them pass the time until the tide goes out. Once the tide goes out, a rock used as an entrance to the main portion of the beach is revealed and then the beach going tourists are able to fully enjoy Uluwatu beach. It is a fairly private beach, so most tourists find they have very few other tourists to compete with for prime sun tanning areas as well as seashell hunts. Continue reading…

We Have To Say It: We Love ‘Road To Bali’

We Have To Say It

We can’t talk about villa vacations in the tropical paradise of Bali for too long without mentioning one of the most famous films ever set there. It’s an old flick from 1952, but The Road To Bali still resonates as a comedy classic from two masters of the fun-loving road film genre.

Of course, being a Bob Hope / Bing Crosby caper, there’s more of a focus on the madcap hijinks of the famous comedy duo than the surroundings. And they didn’t bother location filming – sad to say! – beyond some stock footage, being content to breeze through everything on a Hollywood sound stage. But it starts out in Melbourne, ends up in Bali, and is chock full of volcanoes, giant squid, underwater treasure, and references to Australian opera singers. Great fun, historical piece to get you in the mood in-flight.

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Bali-Based Businesses That Are Ripe For An Online Presence

Bali-Based Businesses That Are Ripe For An Online Presence

If you are an entrepreneur participating in the current Balinese economic boom, but don’t have a website presence yet, you’re missing out. Remember that to bring money into Bali, the rest of the world needs to find out about it, and the web is the great international communicator. Here’s a few example businesses which will really benefit from having their own website:

Travel and tours: According to market studies, online purchases now outnumber all other transactions when it comes to travel spending. People planning their vacation turn to the Internet first. If you’re offering package or themed tours, you’ll need a website showcasing all you have to offer, and also some links to travel agencies and other business partners to make it easy and seamless for your potential customers to purchase your services.

Villa rentals: Hotels are already on the web, but small business and even mom and pop villa rentals need to follow suit if they want to compete. When you’re selling a villa over a hotel room, you need to post photos of your luxurious and spacious accommodations, plus ad copy to describe all the fun your guests will have.

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APEC Summit to be Held November 2013 in Bali

APEC Summit to be Held November 2013 in Bali

All the players in the game of tourism are getting ready for later this year when in November of 2013 the APEC Summit (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) will be held in Bali. According to Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, who is the chairman of the Bali Indonesian Tourism Industry Association, assures those in the tourism industry that this is going to have a positive economic benefit to Bali’s economy.

The government has initiated some infrastructure improvements as it prepares for this event in the fall. For example, the airport expansion that is ongoing, the toll road connection, and the Dewa Ruci underpass are all in the works to be completed during the first six months of 2013.

In addition to the infrastructure, there are numerous hotels that are planned to be opened in time for the summit. One of those hotels is the Nusa Dua luxury hotel with 1319 rooms opening specifically for the APEC summit. There are six new hotels scheduled to open and there are a number of new Seminyak villas that will be added to the accommodation pool.

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Bali Elephant Safari Park Gets New Baby Elephant

Bali Elephant Safari Park Gets New Baby Elephant

In Taro, Bali you will find The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge. It’s been an exciting time there because they have just welcomed a baby elephant to their herd. To date the Elephant Safari Park has a herd of 27 rescued elephants, and since 2009, they have been lucky enough to have three babies born in the park. The birth of this baby elephant brings their total Sumatran elephant count to 31 pachyderms. And that’s very exciting for this world famous park.

The baby elephant was born at dawn so the morning at the safari park started off with a buzz. Even excited guests that were staying at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge were lucky enough to be able to get a close up view of the baby’s birth. Now that’s what memories are made of. These guests won’t soon forget their experiences.

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Bali Government Establishes a Bali Tourism Promotion Board

There’s no question that Bali has become one of the hottest vacation destinations, especially for Australians, Asians, and Americans. What was once a well kept secret and a destination that only a few would consider travelling to, is now considered a ‘hot spot,’ and the Bali government wants to make sure it stays that way so they have actually established a Bali Tourism Promotion Board.

The good news for travelers is that Bali is going to remain a viable vacation destination that’s becoming increasingly more affordable. In fact, holiday villas that were once only affordable by large groups or the wealthy, are now an option for average people, and that’s pretty exciting, because a villa as your accommodations offers so much more than a hotel experience.

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2013 Shaping Up To Be The Most Spectacular Year In Recent Balinese History

The Indonesian island paradise of Bali is looking forward to a full schedule of events and appearances in the global spotlight. One big landmark is that, for the first time ever, the Miss World Pageant will be held in Bali. There’s also the Hindu World Summit to come in June, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in November. This last event will be attended by world leaders and dignitaries, in a summit to foster the continued growth of Asia-Pacific business.

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Jakarta Tourism Industry Flourishes

Jakarta Tourism Industry Flourishes

Jakarta tourism is flourishing thanks to a push by the local Government Tourism Office. Well there’s no question that tourism in Jakarta has been grown, as has it around the island of Bali, this local push will certainly help immensely. In addition, back in November of 2012 Jakarta participates in the GWBN, which brought increasing awareness to the area.

It is estimated that the GWBN, reached more than 7 million foreign tourists not to mention the millions of Bali residents. Those are impressive numbers, and Jakarta will likely reap the benefits of that exposure for years to come.

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Air Bali Expands Air Charter Service in Bali

Air Bali Expands Air Charter Service in Bali

Many are aware of the recent upgrades to the Bali airport so that more flights can arrive in Bali, but the expansion of Bali’s first air charter service is even more exciting.

Air Bali, is the island’s first Air Charter Service, and it now has a new look and a new heliport located at Benoa Harbor. Air Bali has been providing tours that explore Bali’s spectacular and hidden interior gems for more than twelve years. Now Air Bali has expanded their services to include fishing, golf tour, and dining, packages, as well as emergency medical retrievals, an island hopping tour, and airport transfers to help you avoid the traffic jams.

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Bali Travel Tips: Customs, Tours, Cuisine and more

Bali Travel Tips

* Possess a valid passport good for at least six months, and have proof of onward passage

* Meet all visa and health requirements for your country of residence, if you are unsure contact your local travel

* 220 volt electrical plugs are used in most villas

* time zone is GMT +8

* 10% is the appropriate tip, but most hotels and restaurants have it included

* Currency exchange should be done in banks or certified money changers

* ATMs are available almost anywhere

* For personal safety, it is best to hire a professional driver, do not rent and drive yourself

* Drink only bottled water, no tap water Continue reading…

New Feeder buses Launched in Trans Sarbagita

New Feeder buses Launched in Trans Sarbagita

A new fleet of feeder mini buses has just been launched by the Denpasar Transportation Agency. These buses are designed to optimize Trans Sarbagita public bus services, which will largely affect tourists who are trying to get around the area.

There are a total of 56 mini buses that runs daily, serving four routes that all interested at the Trans Sarbagita bus routes. While the buses were just officially launched they actually began their routes on September 10, 2012 and according to the Bali Daily during their first 11 days of operation they served approximately 6,500 passengers.

There are two shifts of busses that run so you can catch a bus from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m seven days a week. Routes will be evaluated to ensure they are meeting the needs of the area. There is also a plan to launch more buses in the future so that they can connect passengers to other parts of the city. Continue reading…

Paintings by Angels October 3

Paintings by Angels October 3

This is an exhibit you won’t want to miss. Designer Irwan will have his Indonesian gemstones and jewelry; will be displayed at the Neka Museum in Ubud, Bali, October 3 to 8, 2012. This exhibition is part of the numerous activities that are being held alongside the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

Opals from West Java will be some of the most extraordinary gemstones on display. There will also be beautiful cultures South Sea pearls, black and red coral, and the very rare blue coral native to only Indonesia. Wait there is more to see – picture agates, rare amber, rose agate, amethyst, Chrysocolla, and Pancawarna Sanksrit agates.

Irwan has a very unique take on his jewelry, which involves the innovative use of bamboo, rare tropical woods, textiles, lava, and other materials. You will find a huge collection of gems and stones on display that can be placed into beautiful settings within 48 hours.

Irwan William-Holmes was born in New York City, travelling throughout Europe before in 1969 settling in Indonesian. He has been a member of the Subud Spiritual community in Indonesia for 50 years, and his designs contain only Indonesian. Irwan William-Holmes has won numerous awards including the Bijorcha Exhibition in Paris (2006), a very prestigious award.

Be sure to drop by and see the Painting by Angels exhibition.

It Could Soon Cost you More to Party in Bali

It Could Soon Cost you More to Party in Bali

If you are planning to head to Bali for your next vacation, you need to be prepared to pay a little more to party the night away. That’s because the legislators from the Badung House of Representatives, are unhappy that lax collection policies by tax authorities are resulting in lost revenues because the nightspots and discotheques are underpaying taxes.

Badung lawmakers would like to see clubs paying the 12.5 percent rate rather than the lower 10 percent rate they are getting away with by disguising themselves as bars and restaurants. Badung lawmakers want to see that stop and that they are required to collect the tax rate that matches what their permits are for. It seems that’s another concern since many clubs, discotheques, and nightspots are operating on permits that are incorrect and they are sliding through at the 10% rate. Continue reading…