5 Frequently Asked Questions By Those Travelling With Jewellery

Whenever people travel there will be an assortment of personal items which they take with them, such as travel documents, medication, mobile devices, credit cards, and jewellery. Jewellery is often taken by people who are travelling, whether it be a business trip or a vacation for a variety of reasons, some practical, some due to personal preferences, as if you are travelling for your honeymoon you will most likely want to bring along your engagement ring with you.

Reasons for individuals taking jewellery when travelling can include believing the jewellery is safer with them than being left at home. It may also be that they wish to have the widest choice of jewellery to wear when attending social events on their trip. It could also be that a person sees their jewellery as being as personal to them as their toothbrush and simply will not be separated from it for any length of time.

Some potential issues can arise when taking jewellery with you when you travel. For a start, its value might have implications for your travel insurance, plus there is also the matter of ensuring your jewellery is secure during your entire trip. There might also be the need to provide receipts to prove the jewellery is yours should your belongings be searched at a security or customs checkpoint.

All of these give rise to several questions that frequently get asked by people who wish to take jewellery with them when travelling. So, we thought it would be useful to highlight five of these frequently asked questions and to provide answers to them.

Can I Keep My Jewellery In My Hand Luggage?

Unless you are flying with an airline that operates differently from most others, you are more than welcome to have your jewellery in your carry-on luggage. Many people believe this to be the most secure option given that your jewellery should always be in sight and your possession.

What Should I Put My Jewellery In When Travelling?

Airlines do not usually stipulate what you should put jewellery in, so it is up to you. However, if you want to carry your jewellery safely, we recommend you use a travel jewellery case. This will usually be lockable, often with a four-digit security code, they keep your jewellery organised, and they are extremely robust.

Can I Wear My Jewellery Throughout My Journey?

We are yet to hear of any airline which bans the wearing of jewellery on its flights so we would suggest you can wear whatever jewellery you wish from the moment you leave your home, to the moment you arrive at your destination, with one caveat, which you will discover in the next question.

Will My Jewellery Set Off The Security Scanner?

The caveat from the previous question is that some items of jewellery may trigger the body scanner at the security checkpoint. Small, pierced earrings should be fine, however, larger items of junk jewellery like chunky gold chains, large rings, or multiple wrist chains can set off the alarm and may need to be removed temporarily to proceed.

What Is The Best Advice For Travelling With Highly Valuable Jewellery?

By valuable, we are going to apply this to both high monetary values, and jewellery that has a significant sentimental value such as a locket containing a photo of a departed loved one. We suggest only travelling with these if you absolutely must, and if so,  have it insured and itemised, including taking photos of it. Also, do not attract attention by being flashy whilst wearing your jewellery.