5 Frequently Asked Questions By Those Travelling With Jewellery

Whenever people travel there will be an assortment of personal items which they take with them, such as travel documents, medication, mobile devices, credit cards, and jewellery. Jewellery is often taken by people who are travelling, whether it be a business trip or a vacation for a variety of reasons, some practical, some due to personal preferences, as if you are travelling for your honeymoon you will most likely want to bring along your engagement ring with you.

Reasons for individuals taking jewellery when travelling can include believing the jewellery is safer with them than being left at home. It may also be that they wish to have the widest choice of jewellery to wear when attending social events on their trip. It could also be that a person sees their jewellery as being as personal to them as their toothbrush and simply will not be separated from it for any length of time.

Some potential issues can arise when taking jewellery with you when you travel. For a start, its value might have implications for your travel insurance, plus there is also the matter of ensuring your jewellery is secure during your entire trip. There might also be the need to provide receipts to prove the jewellery is yours should your belongings be searched at a security or customs checkpoint.

All of these give rise to several questions that frequently get asked by people who wish to take jewellery with them when travelling. So, we thought it would be useful to highlight five of these frequently asked questions and to provide answers to them.

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Why A Divorced Parent Might Be Shocked If Asked This Question When Travelling With Their Children

Why A Divorced Parent Might Be Shocked If Asked This Question When Travelling With Their Children

If you are a divorced parent with children, your divorce lawyers may have advised you if you wish to travel with your children overseas, on a vacation for example, that it is not just a case of turning up at the airport with your suitcases and passports. There are further considerations that have to be made, not just to comply with family law, but for other important reasons which extend to other countries.

Firstly, there should not usually be any reasons why you cannot take your children on an overseas vacation if you are divorced. Even if your ex-spouse tries to throw a spanner in the works and objects, unless their objection has merit, the Family Court will likely rule that their objections are spurious and grant an order allowing you to take your children out of the country.

However, even if your ex has no objections, there are still some hoops you may have to go jump through. We will cover the more mundane ones further on, but there is one which lone parents are finding increasingly when they are entering other countries. Specifically, they are being asked a question that causes a reaction ranging from mild surprise to absolute shock.

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Weather Seasons of Bali

There is a good reason why there are in excess of two millions tourists per year to Bali. That reason is because of its tropical weather. The fact that it is an island that offers you a sense of summer most of the year means that there is quite a degree sunshine throughout. Indubitably, this is by far one of the biggest attractions for tourists. This beautiful island, known as Bali, is in essence located six degrees south of the equator means that they are the recipient of that welcoming tagline & an island in the sun! Unlike countries in the West, there are no four seasons as such. This more often than not is a really good thing, since you would have more time to enjoy all those activities in Bali that you adore!

What this means is that you can enjoy more time snorkelling around at leisure, sunbathing, al fresco dining, shopping for arts and crafts, and travelling to the many sublime and unique tourist attractions that are present in Bali. There is however, a wet season that is present from September to February, while the dry season is experienced during the other half of the year. But do not expect to be trudging around in your Wellingtons during the rainy season since the downpours are marginal at best and would last around half an hour at most. Surely this season will not seek to disrupt your holiday excursions, at all.

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Amazing Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot has a lot going for it as far as a tourist destination in Bali but one of the things that really stands out is the large number of luxurious private villas. One of the most impressive is the Nirwana Bali Resort which sits at the top of a high cliff. This is just one of the amazing Bali Tanah Lot villas you will find in this beautiful area of Bali. Tanah Lot is a great place to visit in Bali if you wish to see the beauty of nature or learn more about the history and culture of the area. Tanah Lot can be found in the Tabanan Regency area where among other things there are many temples.

The temple in Tanah Lot is a very important holy place for Hindus who live in Indonesia and is sometimes called the most sacred temple of the seas or the baby of the seas. This temple is visited by people from all over Bali who wish to pray here. The snakes in the water which are both black and white and live near the coral reef are thought to protect the temple.

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Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Bali Holiday

Bali Holiday

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southeast Asia – and indeed, in the world. People from all over the world visit Bali every year, drawn in by its wonderful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and the wide range of affordable accommodation options – such as Bali villas. However, most people don’t make the most of their Bali holiday. They stick to the touristy parts of the island, they miss out on some of its natural beauty, and they don’t get the full Bali experience.

With this in mind, here’s a few of our top tips for making sure that you get the most out of your Bali holiday:

  1. They Beaches Aren’t As Good As They’re Meant To Be

If you’re coming from Australia, prepare to be disappointed in Bali’s beaches. Let’s face it – Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, and you simply won’t find anything like them in most of Bali. That’s not to say that Bali beaches aren’t good – the weather, beach bars, and wonderful vibes make them more than worth visiting.

  1. Choose Your Visiting Time Carefully

Bali suffers from an intense rainy season from October to April. The peak of the season is December and January, when it rains heavily almost daily. This can impact your holiday, forcing you to spend a lot more time indoors than you would perhaps like to, and reducing the amount of sights that you get to see. If possible, try and visit during the dry season – June and July are the best.

  1. Be Careful Driving

If you’re not used to driving in an Asian country, then proceed with caution if you choose to hire a scooter or motorbike to get around on. Bali’s roads are crazy, and you might find yourself in a bit of trouble if you’re not careful. Even if you don’t have to wear a helmet and protective gear, you should – there is a fairly good chance that you will fall off at some point.

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How to Retain the Romance of Bali

Outdoor Furniture

Travelling overseas for a holiday is an exciting time. Many places such as Bali are very popular holiday destinations for Australian tourists, because it is fairly close and we love the friendly Indonesian culture. But rather than forgetting all about it once you return home, why not retain the romance of the region by keeping something of it in your home or garden?

Much outdoor furniture reflects the culture of other countries. While you are in Bali take note of all the wonderful furniture – not in the hotels, but in the Bali villas and other similar accommodations that more truly reflect the Bali lifestyle. Then when you get back home you’ll be able to find similar styles or imports from that country for your own home.

Including boat wood furniture in your decor is a prime example of how your home can reflect parts of your overseas trip, even if you didn’t see any furniture like that while you were there. Knowing that much of such timber would have been sourced from Indonesian fishing boats and made into alfresco furniture is enough to keep the dream alive. Such timber is well used to weathering the wet conditions of the ocean and has done so admirably, so it is going to be one of the best choices for furniture that is out in the weather all the time.

Even if you don’t ultimately choose that kind of timber, you can get many wonderful ideas from the furniture styles of another culture and find similar pieces that remind you of it, to use in your own home or in the outdoor oasis you create on your property to enhance your lifestyle.

We often see this done in other ways too, with Balinese flags and statues included in the garden scene. In fact, some outdoor furniture stores may also keep such things as accessories with which to decorate outdoor spaces that are created as havens, or as places for alfresco dining or entertaining.

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Where are You Going for Your Botox Injections?

Botox Injections

Botox treatment is a popular way to remove those aging lines and wrinkles so your face looks smoother and younger. While going overseas for cosmetic surgery seems to be an ongoing trend, many people find they need to have their Botox treatment redone after going to Bali or Thailand for treatment.  It pays to choose a cosmetic surgeon at a recognised professionally trained cosmetic surgeon.

One of the first things you need to do before having any Botox treatment is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is fully qualified and experienced.  Going online will help, as will getting references from your GP and friends who have had such treatment.  However, you can’t be sure when looking online just what the standards are for cosmetic treatment in overseas countries such as Bali or Thailand.

In fact, even though these countries are wonderful for a holiday and offer many different and exciting things to do and see, Perth cosmetic surgeons are often required to redo treatment on patients who have tried to save on the costs by going overseas to have their Botox injections.  It is far better to have such treatment done just once, with a good result. No one wants to have any kind of treatment done if they can’t be sure it’s going to turn out right.

Besides which, combining a holiday with Botox treatment will certainly spoil the holiday at least to some extent, since you will lose time in having it done, instead of doing all those activities you want to cram into your holiday. You’ll be stuck going to a clinic and taking care of those injection sites afterwards. You may not feel up to enjoying the holiday and you may not even be able to sunbake on the beach or by the pool to recover.

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Tips for Bali and Other Overseas Holidays


When you travel overseas whether for business or pleasure knowing certain things ahead of time will help smooth your way.  After all, you’ll be dealing with a lot of different things that can seem quite confusing especially if it’s the first time you’ve travelled out of your own country.  According to event planning experts Lumin8 Events, many people choose to travel to Bali for events such as weddings and honeymoons because it is one of the nearest exotic locations so the travel cost is cheaper and they save time in travelling, making their holiday longer.

If you are going to Bali or any other overseas country, here are some tips to help make things easier.

  • Get a business card from the front desk of your hotel or if you book Bali villa accommodation, ask if they have one. Having the address in the local language is invaluable if you get lost and can’t speak the language.
  • Renew your passport so that you have at least 6 months before the expiry date. Some countries won’t let you in without it, just in case you are delayed getting back home.
  • Some credit cards tack on extra charges for overseas use. Look around before you go to find one that doesn’t.
  • When letting your bank know what country you are going to, so they don’t regard your charges as suspect and freeze it, also include any countries the plane may land at on the way. That way, if you happen to want to buy something there you can do so without worrying.
  • Take earplugs and an eye-mask to help you sleep on the plane or at your Bali accommodation. Also stock up on prescriptions that you need and other basic medications, especially for pain and fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. Make sure the destination country will allow you to take them in.

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Best Things to do in Bali for a Little R&R

Best Things to do in Bali for a Little R_R

So you are off to Bali for a little R&R. If this is the first time, you’ll want to have a look at some of the most highly recommended things to do.

1. The optimum R&R vacation occurs with your own private swimming pools, lush gardens, beautiful sunsets, luxurious villas, personal staff including cooks, and in-house spa treatment. Of course, you’re going to want to leave your paradise at times.
2. Tirta Empul Temple is one of the many amazing temples to be enjoyed in Bali, and there are many
3. Uluwatu Temple is located on the side of a cliff which is truly stunning. You’ll love the architecture.
4. Tanah Lot Temple makes most jaws drop. This stunning complex is a must visit for anyone that is looking for some R&R and maybe a little spiritual exploration too.

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Bangkung River Bridge a New Tourism Destination in Bali

Bangkung River Bridge a New Tourism Destination in Bali-min

The Bangkung River Bridge a New Tourism Destination in Bali at Plaga Village, in the sub-district of Petang, has become a new tourism destination in Bali. In fact, it has been able to support North Badug tourism development. It was inaugurated back in 2006, and since then it has become a regular visit by tourists and locals alike. In fact, on national holidays the bridge is packed with visitors.

It takes only about an hour from Denpasar to reach the Bangkung River Bridge, and the journey along the way has many points of interest and places you’ll want to see such as Bukit Sari Sangeh, and Tanah Wuk Green Canyon. There is also the Nungnung waterfall and Petang a village for tourists.

As bridges go Bangkung River Bridger really isn’t much different, but it is claimed to be the tallest bridge in Asia, and so people are curious and come to see. The bridge spans across cool and lush area, quite the contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a great place to spend a day relaxing.

It spreads along 360 meters with a whopping height of 71.14 meters tall. The pillars rise 41 meters from the underground and the bridge is over 100 years old, making it an impressive piece of history. Tourists who decide to navigate their way to the Bangkung River Bridge will not be disappointed.