A Quick Guide To Maintaining Carpets In Hotels

Within a hotel, there are many tasks related to cleaning that includes dishwashing, inside and outside windows cleaning, mirrors being polished, laundry, and carpet cleaning. For almost all of those jobs, it is feasible for the hotel to use its own staff given that operating dishwashers or doing laundry is not something that requires a huge amount of skill or resources.

However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, whilst some can be done in-house, the caveat is that the hotel must have in place processes and SOPs that ensure their carpets are cleaned properly and thus look clean at all times. Guests are unlikely to return nor post a positive review if what is under their feet as they walk around the hotel looks filthy and covered in stains.

So, how does a hotel ensure that its carpets are clean and well-maintained so that they not only look good but also last longer thus reducing the costs of replacing them? To find out, keep reading as we have compiled a guide to maintaining hotel carpets from the advice of the professionals at Brilliance Carpet Cleaning.

Daily Vacuuming

While it might seem like an everyday household chore, vacuuming carpets, especially within a hotel, can make a huge positive impact on both the cleanliness of the carpets and their lifespan, often by as much as 50%. Vacuuming will remove lots of debris from the fibres of carpets, and this is debris that, as people walk on the carpet, will wear fibres thus diminishing the carpet’s appearance and reducing its life.

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