How to Retain the Romance of Bali

Outdoor Furniture

Travelling overseas for a holiday is an exciting time. Many places such as Bali are very popular holiday destinations for Australian tourists, because it is fairly close and we love the friendly Indonesian culture. But rather than forgetting all about it once you return home, why not retain the romance of the region by keeping something of it in your home or garden?

Much outdoor furniture reflects the culture of other countries. While you are in Bali take note of all the wonderful furniture – not in the hotels, but in the Bali villas and other similar accommodations that more truly reflect the Bali lifestyle. Then when you get back home you’ll be able to find similar styles or imports from that country for your own home.

Including boat wood furniture in your decor is a prime example of how your home can reflect parts of your overseas trip, even if you didn’t see any furniture like that while you were there. Knowing that much of such timber would have been sourced from Indonesian fishing boats and made into alfresco furniture is enough to keep the dream alive. Such timber is well used to weathering the wet conditions of the ocean and has done so admirably, so it is going to be one of the best choices for furniture that is out in the weather all the time.

Even if you don’t ultimately choose that kind of timber, you can get many wonderful ideas from the furniture styles of another culture and find similar pieces that remind you of it, to use in your own home or in the outdoor oasis you create on your property to enhance your lifestyle.

We often see this done in other ways too, with Balinese flags and statues included in the garden scene. In fact, some outdoor furniture stores may also keep such things as accessories with which to decorate outdoor spaces that are created as havens, or as places for alfresco dining or entertaining.

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