What you Need to Do When Starting a Business in Bali

Many people make a living running their own business in Bali.  It is imperative to get all the business licenses you need and this can be facilitated by consulting a reputable Bali based law firm in that country. In regards to a professional digital agency you might want to opt for an Australian company for advice on web design and SEO. Unfortunately, good Bali based web designers are few and far between, but with professional help you can make sure your website is the best that it can be – and get a lot of business from it.

There are many wonderful opportunities to start up a business in Bali. It is important to do your research to find out not only the best business, but to ensure it is something that you will like doing. If you are a bit of a hermit, dealing with people constantly can be very draining, so you wouldn’t want to choose an accommodation business or even running a coffee shop, unless your staff could deal with the public and you can simply run the business in the background.

Your research will soon show that you need to have businesses licenses and the proper visa to stay in the country. These must all be seen to before you get any assets for your business, otherwise you will be considered an illegal business operator and may face steep fines or imprisonment. Even getting a local person to run the business for you is illegal unless you have the proper permits.

While this can take several weeks or a few months, it is essential to wait until it is all done properly. But once everything has been properly and legally set up, you can really get into organising your business, buying stock, finding a good location and hiring employees. You’ll also need to get a house or other accommodation to live in while you run your business.

To facilitate matters, you can work with a Bali law firm that specialises in setting up businesses for people who are foreigners. With Skype and email you can easily send them the information they need to set up your company. This should be done before you even decide on an address for it.

Packing up all your goods and chattels will be another large task, however, it is wise to leave most of your furniture behind rather than paying for the cost of transporting it. You can purchase new things as you need them. It’s amazing what we tend to hoard that is not necessary. Moving to a new country is the chance to start afresh with new things. One thing you won’t need is winter clothing, so don’t make the mistake of packing that.

Once your business licenses and visa come through, you can book your ticket and start on the adventure of a lifetime.