Best Things to do in Bali for a Little R&R

Best Things to do in Bali for a Little R_R

So you are off to Bali for a little R&R. If this is the first time, you’ll want to have a look at some of the most highly recommended things to do.

1. The optimum R&R vacation occurs with your own private swimming pools, lush gardens, beautiful sunsets, luxurious villas, personal staff including cooks, and in-house spa treatment. Of course, you’re going to want to leave your paradise at times.
2. Tirta Empul Temple is one of the many amazing temples to be enjoyed in Bali, and there are many
3. Uluwatu Temple is located on the side of a cliff which is truly stunning. You’ll love the architecture.
4. Tanah Lot Temple makes most jaws drop. This stunning complex is a must visit for anyone that is looking for some R&R and maybe a little spiritual exploration too.

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Gelang Agung Temple contains Thirteenth Century Antiquities

Gelang Agung Temple contains Thirteenth Century Antiquities-min

The Gelang Agung temple is located at Buangga Halemt, in the Getasan Village in the Sub-district of Petang. It is considered a sanctum by locals and it a cultural heritage cornerstone that has seen an increase in tourists. There are a number of cultural relics that date back to the thirteenth century.

Some of the relics from the Gelang Agung temple have been placed in the Gedong Arca, including a statue of Lord Vishnu riding a Garuda, a statue that looks somewhat like a lotus flower made of three sections with an octagonal base, probably a symbol of yoni. There is also a relic of Padmasana shrine inscribed with a Balinese script, and even a few building stone fragments.

There are a number of magical stories that have followed the Gelang Agung temple. The structure of the Gelang Agung temple isn’t much different than that of other Bali sanctums. It had a two-tier meru shrine to venerate Goddess Sri, and a chamber to venerate Danghyang Dwijendra. During paddy planting, and when surrounding residents of Buangga were attacked by disease locals came to pray at the temple.

Chief of Buanagga voiced the community’s hope that the government would pay more attention to the existence of the temple, and what it represents historically. However, to date government interest has been minimal. Bali visitors will want to add this to their things to do.

Tourism Bug Has Bitten Bali

Tourism Bug Has Bitten Bali

Bali has been bitten by the tourism bug. Tourism has doubled from 2001 to 2011, and every year there are more than 700 hectares that are developed for luxury living by foreigners, hotels, and roads to connect the island. Every year the amount of waste dumped multiplies and the number of cars on the roads steadily grows. The peaceful Bali everyone wanted to visit is suddenly outgrowing its image, and locals as well as government want to put the brakes on to ensure Bali remains the Bali they know and love.

The Indonesian government has initiated legislation to protect the environment and culture. However, to date these appear to not be too effective, since local authorities are doing nothing to enforce those laws, and of course, investors are against any regulation, as they want to develop the island even more. There focus it to make Bali the top destination spot.

When you visit Bali, there are some great spots that have not yet been developed. The Bali Bukit Peninsula offer a less developed environment that’s rustic and relaxing. Here you can experience the unique Bali culture.

The island will continue to grow in popularity as the secret of how fantastic a vacation to this out of the way destination can be. For those that want to see a little of the old Bali, now is a great time to plan a trip before it has been completely transformed by the modern world.

Bali Vacations Saw A Huge Spike Last Christmas

Bali Vacations Saw A Huge Spike Last Christmas

However the rest of us spent the holidays, it seems Santa traded in his reindeer and sleigh for a surfboard and scuba gear this last holiday season. Bali Discovery reports that Bali received a record-breaking number of tourist flights over the 2013 Christmas season. For just the weekend of Christmas, Bali vacation destinations received a whopping 15,000 tourists – that’s nearly a 50% increase over last year. Experts point to the growing Balinese economy and domestic market as a factor in the growing popularity of Bali vacations.

We Have To Say It: We Love ‘Road To Bali’

We Have To Say It

We can’t talk about villa vacations in the tropical paradise of Bali for too long without mentioning one of the most famous films ever set there. It’s an old flick from 1952, but The Road To Bali still resonates as a comedy classic from two masters of the fun-loving road film genre.

Of course, being a Bob Hope / Bing Crosby caper, there’s more of a focus on the madcap hijinks of the famous comedy duo than the surroundings. And they didn’t bother location filming – sad to say! – beyond some stock footage, being content to breeze through everything on a Hollywood sound stage. But it starts out in Melbourne, ends up in Bali, and is chock full of volcanoes, giant squid, underwater treasure, and references to Australian opera singers. Great fun, historical piece to get you in the mood in-flight.

APEC Summit to be Held November 2013 in Bali

APEC Summit to be Held November 2013 in Bali

All the players in the game of tourism are getting ready for later this year when in November of 2013 the APEC Summit (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) will be held in Bali. According to Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, who is the chairman of the Bali Indonesian Tourism Industry Association, assures those in the tourism industry that this is going to have a positive economic benefit to Bali’s economy.

The government has initiated some infrastructure improvements as it prepares for this event in the fall. For example, the airport expansion that is ongoing, the toll road connection, and the Dewa Ruci underpass are all in the works to be completed during the first six months of 2013.

In addition to the infrastructure, there are numerous hotels that are planned to be opened in time for the summit. One of those hotels is the Nusa Dua luxury hotel with 1319 rooms opening specifically for the APEC summit. There are six new hotels scheduled to open and there are a number of new Seminyak villas that will be added to the accommodation pool.

The APEC Summit will offer an opportunity to promote Bali culture and it will also have a positive impact on tourism both directly and indirectly. It is hoped that the momentum from the APEC summit will help to improve the image of Bali through cultural performances and various that gather attention throughout the summit.

Bali is a beautiful place to visit – in fact, the secrets out, as more and more vacationers share their positive experience. In addition, more Bali vacation villas and hotels become available, the cost of a vacation to Bali has decreased, and there are more flights – these are all reasons why the demand for Bali vacations is on the rise. The APEC summit will simply increase awareness even more.

New Feeder buses Launched in Trans Sarbagita

New Feeder buses Launched in Trans Sarbagita

A new fleet of feeder mini buses has just been launched by the Denpasar Transportation Agency. These buses are designed to optimize Trans Sarbagita public bus services, which will largely affect tourists who are trying to get around the area.

There are a total of 56 mini buses that runs daily, serving four routes that all interested at the Trans Sarbagita bus routes. While the buses were just officially launched they actually began their routes on September 10, 2012 and according to the Bali Daily during their first 11 days of operation they served approximately 6,500 passengers.

There are two shifts of busses that run so you can catch a bus from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m seven days a week. Routes will be evaluated to ensure they are meeting the needs of the area. There is also a plan to launch more buses in the future so that they can connect passengers to other parts of the city.

“The most important thing is that Trans Sarbagita could now be more accessible to a greater number of people thanks to the feeder buses that take them to and from the nearest bus stops,” he told Bali Daily.

Bali’s mass transportation system focuses on 17 main routes and 36 feeder routes by 2019, to reduce the traffic condition that continues to worsen in southern Bali.

Paintings by Angels October 3

Paintings by Angels October 3

This is an exhibit you won’t want to miss. Designer Irwan will have his Indonesian gemstones and jewelry; will be displayed at the Neka Museum in Ubud, Bali, October 3 to 8, 2012. This exhibition is part of the numerous activities that are being held alongside the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

Opals from West Java will be some of the most extraordinary gemstones on display. There will also be beautiful cultures South Sea pearls, black and red coral, and the very rare blue coral native to only Indonesia. Wait there is more to see – picture agates, rare amber, rose agate, amethyst, Chrysocolla, and Pancawarna Sanksrit agates.

Irwan has a very unique take on his jewelry, which involves the innovative use of bamboo, rare tropical woods, textiles, lava, and other materials. You will find a huge collection of gems and stones on display that can be placed into beautiful settings within 48 hours.

Irwan William-Holmes was born in New York City, travelling throughout Europe before in 1969 settling in Indonesian. He has been a member of the Subud Spiritual community in Indonesia for 50 years, and his designs contain only Indonesian. Irwan William-Holmes has won numerous awards including the Bijorcha Exhibition in Paris (2006), a very prestigious award.

Be sure to drop by and see the Painting by Angels exhibition.

It Could Soon Cost you More to Party in Bali

It Could Soon Cost you More to Party in Bali

If you are planning to head to Bali for your next vacation, you need to be prepared to pay a little more to party the night away. That’s because the legislators from the Badung House of Representatives, are unhappy that lax collection policies by tax authorities are resulting in lost revenues because the nightspots and discotheques are underpaying taxes.

Badung lawmakers would like to see clubs paying the 12.5 percent rate rather than the lower 10 percent rate they are getting away with by disguising themselves as bars and restaurants. Badung lawmakers want to see that stop and that they are required to collect the tax rate that matches what their permits are for. It seems that’s another concern since many clubs, discotheques, and nightspots are operating on permits that are incorrect and they are sliding through at the 10% rate.

For tourists visiting Bali, and ready to party, they aren’t going to care if they is a 12.5 percent tax or a 10 percent tax. All they want is a good drink, good service, and a good time. After all, isn’t that what a vacation to Bali is about? Fun times!

So it might just make more sense to standardize the permit process or the taxes themselves and just get busy collecting the revenue to help Bali.