Botox Injections

Where are You Going for Your Botox Injections?

Botox treatment is a popular way to remove those aging lines and wrinkles so your face looks smoother and younger. While going overseas for cosmetic surgery seems to be an ongoing trend, many people find they need to have their Botox treatment redone after going to Bali or Thailand for treatment.  It pays to choose a cosmetic surgeon at a recognised professionally trained cosmetic surgeon.

One of the first things you need to do before having any Botox treatment is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is fully qualified and experienced.  Going online will help, as will getting references from your GP and friends who have had such treatment.  However, you can’t be sure when looking online just what the standards are for cosmetic treatment in overseas countries such as Bali or Thailand.

In fact, even though these countries are wonderful for a holiday and offer many different and exciting things to do and see, Perth cosmetic surgeons are often required to redo treatment on patients who have tried to save on the costs by going overseas to have their Botox injections.  It is far better to have such treatment done just once, with a good result. No one wants to have any kind of treatment done if they can’t be sure it’s going to turn out right.

Besides which, combining a holiday with Botox treatment will certainly spoil the holiday at least to some extent, since you will lose time in having it done, instead of doing all those activities you want to cram into your holiday. You’ll be stuck going to a clinic and taking care of those injection sites afterwards. You may not feel up to enjoying the holiday and you may not even be able to sunbake on the beach or by the pool to recover.

Having the procedure done at home is a far better idea and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the water you use in the shower is also safe on your skin where it has been pierced by the needles. You’ll also know that the surgeon has been fully trained and is experienced in doing these kinds of injections. You’ll be surer that the Botox solution has been kept fresh and refrigerated at all times.

While such things seem simple and you would expect them to be in place in every country, standards vary the world over and third world standards may not be the same as Australian ones. This can make the difference between success and failure with any kind of cosmetic procedure. So it is far better to have the procedure done where you can be sure of high standards and save your time overseas to enjoy with leisure and pleasure activities.