Tips for Bali and Other Overseas Holidays

When you travel overseas whether for business or pleasure knowing certain things ahead of time will help smooth your way.  After all, you’ll be dealing with a lot of different things that can seem quite confusing especially if it’s the first time you’ve travelled out of your own country.  According to event planning experts Lumin8 Events, many people choose to travel to Bali for events such as weddings and honeymoons because it is one of the nearest exotic locations so the travel cost is cheaper and they save time in travelling, making their holiday longer.

If you are going to Bali or any other overseas country, here are some tips to help make things easier.

  • Get a business card from the front desk of your hotel or if you book Bali villa accommodation, ask if they have one. Having the address in the local language is invaluable if you get lost and can’t speak the language.
  • Renew your passport so that you have at least 6 months before the expiry date. Some countries won’t let you in without it, just in case you are delayed getting back home.
  • Some credit cards tack on extra charges for overseas use. Look around before you go to find one that doesn’t.
  • When letting your bank know what country you are going to, so they don’t regard your charges as suspect and freeze it, also include any countries the plane may land at on the way. That way, if you happen to want to buy something there you can do so without worrying.
  • Take earplugs and an eye-mask to help you sleep on the plane or at your Bali accommodation. Also stock up on prescriptions that you need and other basic medications, especially for pain and fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. Make sure the destination country will allow you to take them in.

  • Get the address and phone number of the local Australian embassy in case of trouble.
  • A great way to get maps for your daily trips is to bring up Google maps using the Wi-Fi of the hotel, then take a screen shot of it with your camera. You’ll then be able to zoom into the picture to follow the route.
  • Before you leave on your holiday, check that there are no floods or tornado’s bearing down on your holiday destination, or any earthquakes likely. Getting caught in extreme weather events far from home is no joke.
  • Don’t be left with unwanted local currency. On the day you leave, work out how much you’ll need for the taxi, food and last minute purchases, then when you go to check out of the hotel ask them to take what is left over off your bill before paying the rest with your card.