Bali Travel Tips: Customs, Tours, Cuisine and more

Bali Travel Tips

* Possess a valid passport good for at least six months, and have proof of onward passage

* Meet all visa and health requirements for your country of residence, if you are unsure contact your local travel

* 220 volt electrical plugs are used in most villas

* time zone is GMT +8

* 10% is the appropriate tip, but most hotels and restaurants have it included

* Currency exchange should be done in banks or certified money changers

* ATMs are available almost anywhere

* For personal safety, it is best to hire a professional driver, do not rent and drive yourself

* Drink only bottled water, no tap water

* Avoid dehydration by frequently consuming liquids

* Sunscreen and hats should be worn at all times

* Use tropical strength bug repellent at all times

* Bali waters can have dangerous currents, so mind the red flags

* Drug use or trafficking is punishable by death

Customs to Keep In Mind

* Don’t touch Balinese person on head, particularly a child

* Only use right hand to take or give an item

* Remove shoes before entering a private home

* Places of worship require proper decorum, for temples wear a sash or sarong around waist

* Nudity in public is against the law

* Do not bargain for items at places labeled ‘fixed prices only’

* Bargain only if buying, and bargain down to half of original asking price