Weather Seasons of Bali

There is a good reason why there are in excess of two millions tourists per year to Bali. That reason is because of its tropical weather. The fact that it is an island that offers you a sense of summer most of the year means that there is quite a degree sunshine throughout. Indubitably, this is by far one of the biggest attractions for tourists. This beautiful island, known as Bali, is in essence located six degrees south of the equator means that they are the recipient of that welcoming tagline & an island in the sun! Unlike countries in the West, there are no four seasons as such. This more often than not is a really good thing, since you would have more time to enjoy all those activities in Bali that you adore!

What this means is that you can enjoy more time snorkelling around at leisure, sunbathing, al fresco dining, shopping for arts and crafts, and travelling to the many sublime and unique tourist attractions that are present in Bali. There is however, a wet season that is present from September to February, while the dry season is experienced during the other half of the year. But do not expect to be trudging around in your Wellingtons during the rainy season since the downpours are marginal at best and would last around half an hour at most. Surely this season will not seek to disrupt your holiday excursions, at all.

Moreover, it needs to be said that the temperatures that you will experience in Bali throughout the entire year varies ever so only slightly. While in January you would experience a temperature range between 17C-30C, you would experience 22C-32C in August. Whichever way you look at the climate in Bali, it is not that bad at all. It would be a good idea though to be prepared for these small changes, just so that you can plan your holiday in a way where you can avoid the worst of the weather conditions.

Still for all, the wet season per se can be rather pleasant and would give you some much needed rest indoor, snuggling up in bed with a good book and some hot chocolate. The dry season is all about sunshine and frivolous play in an island that is as welcoming as that world-famed Indonesian hospitality that is loved throughout. With many of the accommodation units that are present in Bali, the many indoor and outdoor facilities and amenities would seek to offer a degree of luxury and respite that is found nowhere else.