Tips for Your Exporting Business in Bali

So you have long had the dream to start a new life in Bali and found to support yourself you needed to start up a business. There are many businesses models to choose from and you may have decided to export some of the unique furniture and home wares on offer in Bali to Australia. Make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO so your website design will be the best to attract customers.

You will also need to find a company you can trust for the wrapping, packing and shipping of such goods. Furniture especially can’t be simply placed in a box. It needs to be securely wrapped and packed into a shipping container. In fact there is a freight forwarding company in Denpasar that offers other services to people who wish to export goods from Bali.

They assist with…

  • Product sourcing
  • Shopping tours
  • Procurement and order management
  • Collection and wrapping
  • Freight forwarding

Anyone wishing to set up an export business in Bali would benefit from these skills, but you will also need to have contacts in Australia or other countries to send the goods to. It is advisable to get expressions of interest from furniture retailers or home ware stores before you leave Australia.

You could also go into partnership with someone in Australia who could start up a store over here to sell the goods you source in Bali. That would ensure a reliable outlet for all the goods you could find. You would have to decide on the pricing in Australia and get good prices for your freight costs so as to ensure a good profit.

Many people go to Bali on holidays and while they are there they fall in love with the lifestyle and also with the furniture and home wares, which are quite different from what is available in most local retailers. Finding a store that sells Balinese goods delights them and they are sure to purchase several products to remind them of their holidays and enhance their own home.

It is important to offer a varied range of goods so that you will get a large customer base. You could also offer smaller goods such as jewellery from a website. The cost of sending small items is far less and you can likely handle all the packing and posting yourself. All you need to do is know how to upload pictures and text to the website so the goods can be displayed and described in a way that makes them even more appealing.

Of course, you can also export jewellery to shops in Australia if you have contacted them and found they are amenable to buying such goods from you. In this case you will more than likely be packing larger quantities, but it would still be manageable because the weight or bulk would not be an issue.