7 Common Travel Questions Of Divorced Parents With Children

7 Common Travel Questions Of Divorced Parents With Children

Whilst any divorce potentially requires divorce lawyers to become involved, when the couple also has children it can make the whole process more complex, especially if there is no agreement between the parents about the children’s future. Divorcing couples often have several misconceptions about how children are treated under family law when parents divorce.

This will apply to matters such as who the child lives with, the visitation rights of the other parent, and financial support. Even after the divorce has been finalised, divorced parents will still have several questions for their divorce lawyers about what they can and cannot do concerning their children.

One area of confusion that crops up often is taking children on holiday, especially if that means taking them abroad. Many a parent has had to return to court and answer for their actions before a judge, having breached their divorce agreement or family law.

If only the divorced parent had asked their divorce lawyers before taking the action they did, they would have discovered what the law was concerning travelling with their children. In fact, there are several common travel questions relating to children they could have asked, such as the seven outlined below.

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