Bali-Based Businesses That Are Ripe For An Online Presence

Bali-Based Businesses That Are Ripe For An Online Presence

If you are an entrepreneur participating in the current Balinese economic boom, but don’t have a website presence yet, you’re missing out. Remember that to bring money into Bali, the rest of the world needs to find out about it, and the web is the great international communicator. Here’s a few example businesses which will really benefit from having their own website:

Travel and tours: According to market studies, online purchases now outnumber all other transactions when it comes to travel spending. People planning their vacation turn to the Internet first. If you’re offering package or themed tours, you’ll need a website showcasing all you have to offer, and also some links to travel agencies and other business partners to make it easy and seamless for your potential customers to purchase your services.

Villa rentals: Hotels are already on the web, but small business and even mom and pop villa rentals need to follow suit if they want to compete. When you’re selling a villa over a hotel room, you need to post photos of your luxurious and spacious accommodations, plus ad copy to describe all the fun your guests will have.

Agricultural exports: We’re thinking more Indonesia in general and things like “coffee beans” here – heard of kopi luwak? That’s the civet coffee they make in Sumatra, and you probably heard about it first on the Internet. If there’s anything amazing, intriguing, or just plain outstanding to say about your product (come on, think of something), blog it, post it, and spread the word through online social media.

Business agencies and consultants: We don’t have to tell the web developers or marketers to head for the Internet – they were born there – but businesses like employment agencies, consulting firms, and other secondary business services also benefit from a local online presence. With Indonesia’s economic boom in full swing currently, there’s no better time that to catch some of that opportunity. Remember, sometimes the person who makes the most money from the gold mine is the guy selling the shovels.

Entertainers: Dance troupes, bands, and live performers of every variety benefit from the online marketing boost, because travelers looking for some amusements don’t really know where else to look. Especially if your thing is music, bands and performing artists swear by an online presence as the way to build their audience – one viral YouTube video can make you world-famous.

Setting up a web presence with a great¬†website design is easier than ever in the 2000’s, since web hosting is so cheap you can practically have it free, and setup packages are made to drop in and run. After that, it’s just a matter of building your content and getting it noticed in the right places.