The Pros And Cons Of Travelling To Bali For Dental Treatment

The Pros And Cons Of Travelling To Bali For Dental Treatment

If you have been doing any kind of research recently with regards trying to find a dentist whose fees are not as high as you are used to paying, the possibility of travelling to Bali for dental implants or other dental treatment may have surfaced. Known as ‘dental tourism’ it is a perfectly legitimate way for anyone to have the cost of their dental treatment dramatically reduced, even after the cost of travelling is taken into account.

At first, the idea of travelling to foreign country, albeit one that is not especially far away, might seem somewhat drastic, however, there are many benefits for those who take the leap of faith. That being said, there are also some disadvantages, so to help you, we are going to lay out all the pros and cons.


Lower Costs

Obviously, this is the primary reason for using a Bali dentist. Costs there are significantly lower than you would expect to pay in Australia. This is especially the case if the treatment you are seeking is cosmetic in nature and would normally cost you several thousand dollars if the treatment were done at home.

Tried and Trusted Professionals

It is true that the dentists in Bali do not have the same qualifications as those in Australia but that does not mean that they have not been trained to high professional standards. The other thing to note is if the level of care and treatment were poor, there would not be so many patients leaving the testimonials and recommendations as there are.

Excellent Service

One thing that is very noticeable when you read reviews of dental clinics in Bali is the number of comments which relate to the level of service patients received. This is not just in terms of their treatment but how everyone working at the clinic did their best to look after them. Given the number of patients that travel from Australia, they want it to continue and know looking after patients is how they can best make that happen.

Holiday And Experiences

You might be there for dental treatment but on either side of your treatment, there will hopefully be time for you to enjoy Bali and turn your trip into a holiday experience. Bali has lots to offer tourists and this is why so many patients look to have themselves a holiday as well as have their dental treatment when they are there.


Language Barriers

Due to tourism, many people in Bali speak English but not everyone does. It might be that while you are there you encounter some difficulties in being understood, however, we would expect that the dentists at the clinics are reasonably fluent in English.

Time Factor

Travelling to Bali is going to take a lot more time than driving to your local dentist. Also, if the treatment is one that takes several appointments you are going to need to be able to stay in Bali for the duration of your treatment.

No Proper Follow Up

If, once you have returned home from Bali, you start to experience problems with the dental work you had done there, for most the possibility of simply hopping over on a plane to get it fixed does not exist. Instead, you might have to go to a local dentist where the costs are higher, even for minor repairs.