Jakarta Tourism Industry Flourishes

Jakarta Tourism Industry Flourishes

Jakarta tourism is flourishing thanks to a push by the local Government Tourism Office. Well there’s no question that tourism in Jakarta has been grown, as has it around the island of Bali, this local push will certainly help immensely. In addition, back in November of 2012 Jakarta participates in the GWBN, which brought increasing awareness to the area.

It is estimated that the GWBN, reached more than 7 million foreign tourists not to mention the millions of Bali residents. Those are impressive numbers, and Jakarta will likely reap the benefits of that exposure for years to come.

Jakarta has a population of more than 11 million people, and has a great deal to offer anyone who chooses to visit. In fact, renting a Jakarta villa is a great way to have fabulous accommodations that are all yours including your own private pool. You’ll be nicely located to take in what the city has to offer including a busy nightlife, or if you wish to travel outside the city, you can take advantage of your car services. There is certainly plenty to explore and enjoy outside of Jakarta just as there is within the city.

Central Jakarta is the heart of the government facilities and it’s also where you will find the world’s largest square called Lapangan Merdeka. It’s definitely worth a visit. There’s also a great deal of excellent shopping in Central Jakarta. West Jakarta is old town and you’ll enjoy some of the most amazing architecture and structures along with shopping. North Jakarta is where you will find the main harbour and this is also where the Fatahillah Museum is located. Be sure to spend some time exploring the northern part of the city, because it has plenty to offer.

Jakarta is one of the most popular places to stay, but don’t forget Bali island has many amazing places, so no regardless of the type of vacation you are looking for you’ll be sure to find a Bali destination that’s perfect for you!